Giving a gift certificate for skydiving in Stockton is an unique , exciting gift to give.

A tandem skydive starts out with twenty to thirty minutes of training to guarantee that each skydiver is fully taught the proper techniques for sky diving over Stockton. Once the instructional class is finished, each jumper will put on their gear and prepare to get on the plane. The airplane will be at full altitude, up to 14,000 feet, within a couple minutes. If your blood is not already flowing through your body, just wait for the door to swing open to show Stockton, California, thousands of feet below.

Get ready to step outside of the airplane with your expert, exceptionally trained skydiving instructor as you drop at velocities which can certainly achieve 120 miles an hour heading downward! During the course of your tandem skydive in Stockton, the freefall you'll encounter will last about one minute and then you'll get a four to seven minute canopy flight while you make your journey toward the dropzone. Once you land smoothly with a grin on your face, you'll have the opportunity to relish exactly what you've just performed. You can enjoy the sensation of skydiving or give a gift certificate for skydiving to help somebody else get the fun.

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