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From your 1st AFF (Accelerated FreeFall) jump, new students will experience first-hand the indescribable feeling of human flight. If you want to make your first solo jump as swiftly as possible, the AFF course from Skydiving Near Stockton swiftly gives you the skill levels you will need. The "Integrated Student Program" (ISP) is an unique instructional course developed by the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and is the most popular instruction procedure used by Skydiving Near Stockton affiliate skydiving schools. The United States Parachute Association's ISP sets Targeted Learning Objectives (TLOs) for a succession of 7 instructional levels. Each level's TLOs must be accomplished by the student before they can move on to the subsequent level. Levels 1 through 7 are the training skydives where the novice must be accompanied with an accordingly rated skydiving coach. After Level 7, students are cleared to self supervise. Supplementary skydives are performed with the assistance of a rated Skydiving Near Stockton partner skydiving instructor. Now the student is nearly done! After performing a total of 25 jumps and getting their "A License" requirements ratified by an accredited instructor, the student is then permitted to undertake their A License Check Dive. Congratulations! The student has now obtained their A License! While a license is not required to jump legally, the United States Parachute Association license will permit the skydiver to journey to other USPA member skydiving centers and use their license to verify they have the skills needed to jump.

Learn About the Program...

New pupils in the Skydiving Near Stockton Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) system are required to make their first three skydives with a couple of jump masters taking the skydive along with them. The two skydiving coaches hold on to the student during freefall and release when the student deploys their own canopy. Therefore, this method is called ″ Harness Hold Training. ″ There is no other physical connection to the student other than the hand hold and once the student deploys their chute, the instructors fly a safe distance away and deploy their own chutes.

Once reaching an altitude of approximately 5,500 feet the students are able to deploy their own parachute. Safety is key in these preliminary jumps and there are many regulations practiced to guarantee this. If the trainee shows no indication that they are releasing their parachute, both AFF trainers will communicate to the trainee to do so using hand motions. If the student still has difficulty, instructors physically place the student's hand on the pilot chute, after which the instructor can personally release the parachute if needed, a right they reserve at any point during the dive, using the main pull handle or a number of supporting handles on the student's equipment for the instructor's access.

When a student is perceived as knowledgeable of the initial freefall principles and are able to launch their own chute' the instructors will grade their demonstration and begin to dive unassisted. Through a progression of release dives, during which the instructor may or may not help, the student is taught to jump alone. As this is vital to learn to dive and for safety, it is imperative that the student be fully versed in basic freefall maneuvering.

With sky diving instruction at this level, the safety of our Skydiving Near Stockton affiliate coaches is extremely important. For that reason, all instructors have a firm "hard deck" at which they have to pull their own parachutes. All student rigs are outfitted with an "Automatic Activation Device" (AAD) which will immediately deploy the reserve chute if they pass the set altitude limit at freefall speeds. While it is extremely rare that a student will have an AAD activation, this final level of security safeguards the student as much as possible from the consequences of being out of control or not having the capacity to open their own canopy.

The AFF course at Skydiving Near Stockton is progressive in nature, with each step building on skill-sets discovered in the last. Using hand cues and ground guidance each training coach will initially correct and aid the trainee in accomplishing each maneuver. On the ground, an instructor has the opportunity to discuss the mistakes a student may make in air. This permits every trainee to not only see and experience the correct body placements but to also review how to implement them on the next jump. Later levels are composed of only one trainer, and consist of the student being asked to perform a set of aerial procedures, including turns, flips and fall rate regulation, demonstrating that the student can restore control after a period of instability.

During the Accelerated Freefall Training program, every student will be required to take part in and pass every Targeted Learning Objective to move on to the subsequent level. Every AFF trainer has the given authority to validate each students individual completion of their required TLOs at each level progression. Each AFF trainee is given a direct connection for communication with the ground crew to aid them during their free fall, however, all trainees are trained with skills to land on their own should radio malfunction occur.

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Before graduating the course, each student is given a USPA application and are encouraged to sign up before certification. Embark upon your ultimate adventure! Call Skydiving Near Stockton at 661-241-0909 and enroll in skydiving school right now!